Dr. Kirschner has had her work featured on the cover of The Journal of Immunology as well as two featured articles in the ASM News!


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Immune Modeling of Tuberculosis

Immune Modeling of HIV

Epidemic Modeling of TB and HIV

Models of Immune response to Helicobacter pylori

Treatment and Drug Resistance Models for TB and HIV

Immunobiology models: Fibrosis and Lymph Node Cellular Dynamics

Models of T cell Receptor Excision Circle Dynamics

Models of Cancer Immunobiology

Models of Optimization of Therapies: HIV and TB

Our approach to Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis (with R and MATLAB codes for use)

Model Calibration Procedure

Tunable Resolution - how to toggle between coarse and fine grain multi-scale models

Numerical Implementation of Agent-Based Models

COVID-19 Studies

Two Dimension - 3D dimensional issues in Modeling

Methods for Counting Mycobacteria Colonies

Digital Twins

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