SMB Presidents
1973-1997: 24 years of SMB Leadership

Below is a pictorial history of the presidents of SMB:

  • In the September 1996 newsletter, there is a very nice article by Michael Conrad detailing the life history of the SMB. Please see it together with this pictorial history.
  • George Karreman: 1973-1981.

    Herbert Landahl: 1981-1983

    John Stephenson: 1983-1985

    John Jacquez: 1985-1987

    Simon Levin: 1987-1989

    Stuart Kauffman: 1989-1991

    Alan Perelson: 1991-1993

    John Tyson:1993-1995

    John Tyson & LEK

    Leah Edelstein-Keshet: 1995-1997

    Leon Glass: 1997-

    Not a president, but Torcom Chorbajian (the treasurer) has been part of SMB for many continuous decades.

    Not a president, but Lee Segel is Editor of the Bulletin for Mathematical Biology and an important member of the society

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