Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) -

Short Course on Molecular Pathogenesis

This course is required for all PIBS students

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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Program in Biomedical Sciences

Class meets: Meets: September 17th and 24th from 1-3pm in room 5330 Med Sci I

Course Director Dr. Victor DiRita

  • Instructors: Dr. Michele Swanson, Dr. Melody Neely, Dr. Kathleen Collins, Dr. Denise Kirschner
  • The course will cover research questions in microbial pathogenesis. We will specifically address what the scientific areas under investigation are when we consider microbial pathogens and the hosts they infect, and how we go about answering those questions. The topics are:

    September 17th:

  • Introduction by Dr. DiRita
  • Dr. Neely: The role of bacteriophages in microbial pathogenesis
  • Dr. Swanson: Cell biology of bacterial pathogenesis
  • September 24th:

  • Introduction by Dr. DiRita
  • Dr. Kirschner: Mathematical modeling of host/pathogen interactions
  • Dr. Collins: Disruption of host cell function by viral pathogens