ERRATA FOR THE ARTICLE Dynamics of Naive and Memory CD4+ T Lymphocytes in HIV-1 Diseease Progression from J.AIDS, May 1, 2002, Volume 30, Number 1, Pages 41-58 by S.H. Bajaria, Glenn Webb, Miles Cloyd and Denise Kirschner

  • On page 55, the first term on the right hand side of Equation 15 should include V with an L subscript, NOT the B subscript.
  • Also in Equation 15, the beta term has a different value than that of the beta term in Equations 7 and 8 (also noted as Equations 1 and 2). In both cases, the beta term represents scaling from the lymph to the blood compartment. However, since blood virus is represented as milliliters and blood cells as microliters, the scaling factor for blood virus is three orders of magnitude higher than for blood cells. This conversion is explained in the footnote on page 53.