by: Cary Engelberg,MD

I found out that Fetch 3.0 can be preconfigured to transfer the files in the proper format. In the "Preferences. . ." under the Customize menu, there is a tab called "Upload". Selecting it allows you to specify that text files get transferred as text and that nontext files get transferred as Raw Data. Then you can deselect the Fetch program from adding suffixes to your file name when they transfer. If you set the preferences this way, the transfer takes place appropriately. You can also set permissions from the Fetch menu. A window pops up and you check boxes in a separate window, you can follow the unix "chmod etc." command being executed.

Today, I tried to use a copy of "index.html" made on Adobe PageMill. I discovered that Adobe PageMill when I insert my image file on the page, the program made a gif copy of my image and tucked it away in a folder it created and named "PageMill_Resources" on my hard disk. I thought it was using my jpeg file, but it automatically renamed the file on the homepage "image1.gif". I discovered this when I looked at the resource code and found that the image was referenced as ". . .PageMill_Resources/image1.gif". I changed the code to simply "image1.gif" and transferred that file to the html folder on the itd server.